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At Sugaring Brazilian Wax we offer a range of services with a full range of benefits to perfectly fit your skin’s needs. We guarantee authentic Brazilian hair removal, which means less pain, less hair over time, smooth and soft skin, soft and fine hair, we have a line of treatments and products for ingrown hairs and dark spots from shaving.

At SBW we offer hair removal body services with: Regular Waxing, Cocoa Waxing, Turmeric Waxing or Organic Sugaring Waxing (a natural pasta made with water, organic lemon juice and sugar). Treatments for your skin: Vajacial, HydroJelly Mask, High Frequency, Skin Brightening. Products: Ingrown Hair Serum, Sugar Scrubs and Body Oils.

If having smooth, soft and healthy skin is what you’re looking for, we’re here to offer you the best results with the best cost benefit you ever had. Our services are available for both Men and Women.

We’re here to save your skin once and for all. Making you feel grateful to have us in your life.

Tired of ingrowns hair and razor bumps? Dark spots? Shaving itchy? You have come to the perfect place. Here we offer a line of treatment for your skin.

One of the most wanted benefits of waxing is that, unlike shaving or hair trimming, the waxed area will stay hairless for weeks, usually 3 to 6 weeks. Wow!!!

All our Estheticians are skilled, licensed professionals, who have been working on the business for years.